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​Filing a dispute

If you don't agree with an assessment or decision we've made about your claim, you have options for disputing it.

Whether a responsibility assessment, minor injury determination, denied benefit, or settlement offer, you have options for disputing assessments or decisions made about your claim.

Talk to your ICBC claim representative

In all cases, you should talk to your claim representative first. It's important that both of you understand all of the factors taken into account and this is your opportunity to point out anything that might have been overlooked or ask questions about how the decision was made.

If you are still not satisfied after speaking with your claim representative, ask to speak to their manager and they will review the details of your claim.

Claims Assessment Review

If you still haven't resolved the matter after speaking with your claim representative and their manager, you may be eligible for a Claims Assessment Review (CAR). A CAR can resolve responsibility assessment disputes only, for claims that do not involve injury.

File a dispute with the Civil Resolution Tribunal

As of April 1, 2019, the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) is available to resolve disputes between customers and their auto insurer, including ICBC. The CRT is independent of ICBC and can resolve: 
  • Disputes about accident benefits (who should receive them, if they should continue).
  • Disputes about how your injuries were classified (minor or non-minor).
  • Where there is bodily injury, disputes about damages and fault up to $50,000.
  • Where there is no bodily injury, disputes relating to damage to vehicles or other property under $5,000.
The CRT process can be completed online or by mail. It doesn't require legal representation, and can lead to faster resolution than going through the court system. CRT decisions are binding.

CRT Solution Explorer

Start with the CRT's Solution Explorer, which provides free legal information and tools that can help you resolve the dispute. It helps to diagnose your dispute and prepare you for applying for dispute resolution with the CRT. 

Dispute your claim in court

Some disputes can also be filed in small claims court or B.C. Supreme Court. Please note, cases in court could take several years to resolve and the court has the final say. If a judge or the CRT makes a ruling that changes a decision, we will adjust ours to match the ruling.

Concerned about our service?

If you have concerns about the service you received — for example, you feel your ICBC representative didn't handle your claim appropriately — you can raise your concern through various channels, including our Customer Relations department and the Fairness Commissioner.

Find out how to raise your concerns with us.